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Our Top 7 Picks for Best Gucci Eyeglass Frame.


The first Gucci shop opened in Florence, Italy in 1921. Since then, the vision of legendary designer Guccio Gucci has spread to every corner of the globe.

Today, some of the world's greatest fashions carry the Gucci label, and the line continues to be a mainstay on the runway.

You've swooned over the luxury designer brand's handbags and sneakers for years, but did you know you can also find Gucci glasses frames?

Today, we're sharing seven of our top frames, sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.


1. Gucci GG0464O

Our Gucci GG0464O frames are one of our top sellers, and for good reason. 

These frames are ideal for those days when you want to look fashionably studious, but still cool and casual. Their unisex, rectangular frame is refined, made of a durable plastic that's built to last. 

The large, Havana tortoise-shell tone of the frames contrasts beautifully with the simple, clear lenses. These will quickly become your go-to pair of eyeglasses, whether you're at work or on the town.

Made with Gucci's trademark Italian craftsmanship, these fan-favorite frames reveal the brand's attention to detail and impeccable taste.

The best part? You don't have to hide your style secret. The "Gucci" name is displayed proudly in block letters along the temple! 

2. Gucci GG0342O

Looking for that perfect gift for the fashion-forward man in your life? These Gucci GG0342O men's frames are a perfect choice.

The Gucci brand has long catered to the stye-setting male, designing loafers, watches, and other high-end accessories for decades. Eyeglasses are a natural extension to this collection, and these are some of the highest quality ones on the market.

Similar to the Gucci GG0464O frames described above, these large models are also rectangular. In addition, they also feature the tortoise-shell Havana tone, along with clear frames. The temples are accented with maroon and vibrant yellow stripes, with the "Gucci" name in small block letters.

Whether in the office or at home on the weekend, these frames flow effortlessly from work to play with ease.

3. Gucci 3699/N

While the line is no stranger to menswear, Gucci has a special knack for making women feel their most beautiful.

Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in our Gucci 3699/N frames.

These medium, rectangular frames seem simple enough from the front. The outer frames are covered in the standard Havana design. Yet, one peek inside the temples reveals their true personality.

You'll quickly realize why this particular color is known as "Havana Flower Crystal". This bright design is colorful, geometric, and fun, with hints of black, royal blue, and red. There's also a gold letter "N" on the temple corner.

4. Gucci GG0465O

While bold colors are exciting, you don't have to rely on flashy accessories to make a grand statement.

Take our Gucci GG0465O frames, for instance.

Available in classic, shiny black or Havana tortoise-shell, these large, unisex frames are the ultimate study in understated style.

Featuring the "Gucci" brand name on the interior and exterior of both temples, these glasses showcase an eye-catching, round style that diverts slightly from their traditional rectangular look.

The result? Easily wearable, always-appropriate frames that you're bound to reach for time and again.

5. Gucci 3206/S

It's smart to protect your eyes with a pair of great-quality sunglasses any time they're exposed to damaging UV rays.

Yet, that doesn't mean you have to stick with cheap drugstore frames that you'll break or lose within a few days. To ensure regular wear and remind you to stick with this habit, go ahead and invest in a premium pair that you'll love and use for years to come.

Start your search with our Gucci 3206/S sunglasses.

Available in Chocolate Havana with brown lenses or classic black with dark gray lenses, these large, full-rim women's glasses offer excellent eye protection. They also feature the iconic Gucci brand name in gold lettering on the temple. 

6. Gucci 3545

Do you want to instantly elevate your look in seconds? The Gucci 3545 eyeglasses can do the trick.

Featuring sharp, timeless black Havana frames, these large, rectangular glasses are primarily ebony with a slight hint of tortoise-shell around the outer edges. This gives a playful peek of personality while still allowing these frames to work perfectly in a professional setting. 

Like the Gucci 3699 frames, these also showcase a gold letter "N" on the corner of the temples. Stash these in a protective case and keep a pair in your desk drawer and your home office so you're never too far from a serious dose of bookish style.

7. Gucci 3615/S

When the sun is out, you have better things to do than rummage around looking for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

We've done the legwork for you, so take a look at these Gucci 3615/S frames!

These designer sunglasses are available in a range of colors and patterns, including translucent gray, classic Havana, and opal brown pink. The gradient lenses are sophisticated and cool while still offering top-notch sun protection. 

All three designs feature the unmistakable double-G Gucci logo that instantly reveals the brand behind the beauty. The medium, full-rim frames are designed for women and are made of strong and durable plastic. 

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The Gucci brand has long been synonymous with high fashion. When you're ready to elevate your eyeglasses or sunglasses beyond standard, in-store varieties, it's worth investing in a brand with such a powerful, trusted reputation. 

Start your search with the seven models above, and feel free to branch out into other styles that fit your personal aesthetic. From sporty to formal, there are plenty of choices.

Are you looking for more Gucci glasses frames? What about styles from Versace, Prada, Michael Kohrs, Coach, and other industry giants? If so, we've got the selection you need.

Feel free to browse our full collection of frames for men, women, and children. Along the way, contact us to learn more or ask any questions.